The Name of God

I have been thinking lately about the name of God, the one that the Israelites would not speak. I, on the other hand, grew up hearing that name spoken in sermons all the time, singing it in our praise songs and choruses and never thinking a thing about it.

Lately though…and for many years at various times, it has bothered me, with varying degrees of discomfort, that we speak this name so casually. I wonder…should we? Are we lacking in reverence for a God whose majesty is beyond our comprehension? Do we lack…no, do I lack proper reverence? I have seen this name represented as “YHWH” or “Yahweh”, and יהוה in the Hebrew. I have heard various explanations of this name, but never an explanation of how it came to be spoken aloud, though the ancient church would not. I have no answers, but I do not wish to speak lightly the name of God Almighty if his name should inspire better reverence, or rather that better reverence for Him should inspire more reverence for His name.

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