Let the Pipers Play

Let the pipers play that song,

The one that causes tears to run

down the cheeks of all who hear it,

lifts the hearts and warms the spirit.


Let the drummers drum their slow sad best

as pall bearers lay me down to rest.

Cover me with flowers, then in dirt.

Bury me beneath the cold, dark earth.


Share stories of what I’ve done well,

If I’ve been kind, remember well.

If I’ve failed you, caused you pain,

I apologize to you, dear friend.


Do not carry ‘round your sorrows

Do not wear your angers long.

I’m but a wretched piece of dirt

That God once breathed upon.


In my heart I’ve loved more deeply

Than my tongue could ever tell,

Doubt it not, my dear ones

I have loved you, loved you well.


Let them play and let them drum.

Lift a glass and pour a round.

Pour another one for me

A toast to our shared history.


So play on pipers, loud and long,

and let drummers drum.

I have passed from death to life

And reached my heavenly home.

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