Gratitude: Week 3

5. For grace that allows me to pick up when I falter, and picks me up when I fall.
6. For the humbling reminder that though my community may consider me poor, I am, in fact, one of the wealthiest people on the planet with shoes (multiple pairs, even!) for my feet, a solid, dry roof above my head, a comfortable bed to lay my head and food on my table.
7. For antibiotics that help when my body is failing to fight off infections.
8. For long talks with good friends.
9. For reminders of how much I truly love my family.
10. For fall colors against a pale sky.
11. For a world that contains….NARWHALS!!!!!
12. For music…and for the music of silence.
13. For the sweetly merciful love of a Savior and the gentle conviction me of my own sin.


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