The past two days have been wet and rainy here in northern Virginia, and the worms that usually are unseen and unremembered are out and about, trying not to drown.  I managed to avoid stepping on them on my way to the car, but noticed one behind my front wheel as I was getting in.  I turned the key but sat there, trying to tell myself it was just a worm, but I could not bring myself to drive over it deliberately, so, with a sigh for what some would see as foolishness, I got out and with some patience and trial and error (wet worms are slippery), finally managed to move him out of the path of my car.  As many worms as there were out and about, I can’t imagine that I made it to work without SOME worm carnage, but it wasn’t deliberate.


Today I came out to the same thing.  A worm was just behind my wheel, but this one was moving.  I watched patiently as it moved away from the path of danger, then smiled at the little thing before getting in my car and pulling out.


Sometimes I amuse myself.


I wonder though, this afternoon, if I am not less than a worm in comparison to our Almighty God, yet he does not ignore our cries, does not run us over, as it were.  Does he smile patiently at me as I go on my wormy way?  Does he patiently move me out of the way of great danger even though I do not understand what is happening and it frightens me?

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