Persecuted (Not)

I am experiencing first world persecution. Oh, there is no one threatening me with prison, dismemberment, beatings, or death. My employment is not threatened because of my faith, nor am I being exiled. I am however suffering greatly because of some Facebook posts aimed at me.

I kid, but truthfully, the posts of friends are clearly digs, and so rational and reasoned discussion is not to be. It’s a shame really because the subjects, Creation vs. Evolution, involve the understanding of and interpretation of Scripture. These are no small matters, but they cannot be as glibly defended/discussed/argued as the snippets of Scripture being flung about in a machine-gun burst of posts. I understand where my friends are coming from, I really do. But the issues are deeper than what does it say—and if they thought about it, they would know it. It is easy to say that Scriptural interpretation is easy and clear. But when we delve into things, is it really so clear? Which translation? Which source text? Who determined the canon of Scripture (and how)? Does that change? Where is the Church? What is prophecy? What is literal? What do we mean by inerrant? How do we know when something is poetic language?

These questions and more are worthy of much thought and much debate, and a careful and deliberate consideration that a flame war will not accomplish. I really don’t know how to answer these questions. For if someone is legitimately asking, I will not withhold, but if they are asking questions merely to prolong an argument or to give them something to fight against, I do not wish to indulge them.