Thankfulness – Part 1

I have a great need to cultivate thankfulness in my life. As an Orthodox Christian, thankfulness NEEDS to be a way of life. Thankfulness allows me to more properly glimpse the gifts of God in my life, and to recognize God as the Giver of All Good Things.

And so, today I am Thankful for the following:
1) The crochet hook dashing in and out of the yarn creating new and useful things.
2) the brilliant colors of the yarn and the hands that spun it, and those that dyed it, and the hands that sheared the sheep.
3) For a warm home on cold snowy days.
4) For brilliant writers who toiled long to bring me to other lands, other places, other worlds, other faces, and introduce me to new friends.
5) for the delight of a new book, with it’s pages yet unopened, the brilliant slipcover hinting at the wonders inside, and the smell of new ink and new paper.
6) for the warm comfort of an old, much read, much beloved book.
7) for “The Princess Bride” and the warm humanity displayed, which stands the test of time.
8) for a home which is able to shelter not just us, but visiting family, whether for days or for a season.
9) for Priests who devote themselves to their God and to their parishioners, pouring themselves out for us.
10) for those who pray for me, whether I know it or not.
11) hearing the recorded voice of a friend from far away.
12) for the delight of chocolate and coffee together.
13) for a warm sweater that has seen me through many cold days.
14) for a husband who will wear my first attempt at crocheting an adult hat.
15) for gainful employment.

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