Gearing Up For a Fight That Never Happened

I am conflict averse.

Some people like it, gear up for it, are ready for it at the drop of a hat, and even look for it. I dislike it. I will stand up when it is necessary, but if there is a way to avoid conflict, I will try it. It knots my insides. It knots my outsides. I hate it, hate it, hate it. Sometimes it is unavoidable.

You can’t let your kid continue to go down a wrong path without trying to do anything and everything to stop it. And you can’t let people walk all over you endlessly. Sometimes it must stop.

This week it had to stop. I knew it. I dreaded it, but geared up for it. My insides tried their very best to escape my body, while my outsides went into full lockdown mode to contain them. If you have fibromyalgia that sentence may make sense. If not, be glad.

I will admit that part of my conflict avoidance is fear that I will get nasty and say terrible things that cannot be unsaid. I fear the mean and nasty in my own soul will come out in those moments and spew all over someone else.

And so I tried to prepare myself.

Through the prayers of God only knows how many people, of the Saints and of the Theotokos, the conflict simply vanished. The situation resolved itself with no drama, no conflict, no difficult conversation, no damage to relationships…it simply and quite unexpectedly went away.

God be praised and thank the Saints. Blessed Mother of God, Saint Brigid, Saint Nicholas and our blessed Savior Jesus Christ.

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