A Wild God

In the past when I have reflected on the wildness of God, I have been chastised by some, some who, perhaps, misunderstand the word and it’s usage, or who have a very different understanding of God than I do. Who wants a tame God? We call an animal tame when it is under the discipline and control of humans. Do you want a God who is under your control? Who comes when you call and does your bidding? Do you want a God who sits on his pillow until called because you have decided it is time for petting? One who perhaps performs tricks on command?

God is not tame. He is not contained by my whims, my desires, my commands, does not bow to my wishes, nor perform tricks at my instruction. We are the ones who should be tamed, to respond to God’s commands, to walk as he wishes, to seek our Master’s face in everything and grateful for his glorious and generous provision. It is me who should delight in all the signs of his presence, and be still and quiet in his presence, at peace because he is with me.

Far too often I fear we have an idea that we can understand God, that we can define him, that we can predict what he will do, and that we can have expectations of him that align with our desires. But, while God is consistent within himself, he can be none other than who he is, he is not contained by my thoughts. I too often expect him to answer to my demands (voiced as prayers, of course) and give me my desires. But he is untameable. Not because he is some out-of-control, psychotic kind of essence, but because he is not controlled by ME. And that is what we want sometimes, isn’t it? We want a nice, predictable God who comes when he is called.

Instead, I am called to come TO HIM. I am called to BE STILL and know. I am to exercise discipline and self-restraint. I am to conform myself to Him and His desires, To His thoughts, His plans. My plans for me included worldwide acclaim as a jazz/blues singer. My plans for me included non-stop international travel, world-wide acclaim. And do you know what I see in that? Me. Me. Me. I do not see God in those plans. I don’t see knowing Him, growing in Him, walking with Him…

God’s plans for me are so very different from what I had for myself. Because He is not tame. I am attracted to, drawn to, compelled by His wildness. In His glorious wildness I see so much power, so much glory, so much goodness, so much mercy, so much fierceness, oh, mere words cannot describe it.

Try to contain the lightening. Try to command a whirlwind. Try to master an earthquake, or to train a volcano, or to capture a cloud. Try to stop time, or to hold the stars in your hand. Can you do it? God flung the stars into place, he knows the snowflakes and whether there are or ever have been two that are identical. We have spent the entirety of human existence trying to work out the math, the physical laws of the universe which He spoke into existence. He knows if space is stringy or loopy (a physics joke for you). The rules by which the universe governs itself were designed by Him. And since I cannot even govern my own tongue, why would I want Him to submit to me?

I’m wild about that God. Glory to Him!

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