So, Soul, you know all that worrying you’ve been doing, worrying about how kids would have warm clothes and in-laws blood clots could kill them and blood thinners could cause an emergency bleeding situation right there in your apartment, and how a sister-in-law is terminal and will leave her children motherless, and about aging parents and all the physical, mental and emotional struggles that entails? You know how you have wrapped yourself around the axle trying to figure it all out and find ways for YOU to take care of everything?

That’s not your job, Soul. You have been worrying and striving and struggling because you are not TRUSTING that God has things in hand and in doing so, you aren’t present in the present where you need to be. You are not called to fly all over the countryside and fix everything; you are not called to make sure the cancer-riddled body lives, to fix the life of the unwed teenage mother, to make sure the elderly suffering from some form of dementia acts with kindness and is rational. Your job is to pray, and to do what is in front of you. Take care of the people with you, love them, listen to them, and to be kind to them. You are to live in the moment you are facing–not tomorrow, and not yesterday. Live today, in this moment, and trust that the God who is all-powerful, all-present, all-loving, will aid those who wish his aid. His kindness is so much greater than your own, why do you think you need to be all of that? Don’t you trust?

That is the crux of it, isn’t it, my Soul? You have not been trusting the God of peace to abide in you, the God of love to love through you, and the God of mercy to be merciful. So you run around and try to do all the things that you cannot do and worry about the rest, because you don’t trust. You need to relax into the arms of the one who is all gracious, all loving, all merciful.  In His arms you can safely place all your worries, all your cares and rest.

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