Taking the small steps…

I tend to want to run marathons. I don’t mean to I suppose. But I just don’t find myself liking the little steps. We all saw how those 21 fellows were beheaded by Isis for their faith. I want to be ready for that now, not later.

I wonder though, whether those young men were ready last week, the week before that, the month before that, or the year before that. Maybe none of us is ready until we have done all those little baby steps ahead of the big race, ahead of the final finish. Is it possible that we have to be faithful in the little things, and when we are we’re ready for the big things to come?

Small victories have to be okay. Life is made up of small victories. I cannot climb a mountain if I can’t climb the stairs at home. I cannot run a race if I cannot run around my block. I must be faithful in the little things.

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