A Spring Walk

The sunlight hit the leaves in such a way that the tops of the lush dark green leaves turned white and my heart skipped a beat because for a moment I saw dogwoods in bloom, though it is far too early, and the wind was brisk and cold. In that moment I knew that Spring had arrived and beneath the ground bulbs where shooting forth toward the sky, and soon would push aside their dark loamy blanket and the little faces of crocuses and jonquils would turn toward the sky. Wild garlic was everywhere, skinny silvery green stalks high above the slowly waking grass, all of them ignoring the bitter cold of the early spring day.

Two large birds called to each other, one high in a leafless tree, the other flying above the river toward his mate. She screamed a warning when she noticed me with my camera, and that alerted me to her presence there. Seagulls flew overhead before landing far out in mid-river to join dozens of his fellows. A couple of ducks flew overhead and landed among the pilons by the expensive condominiums on the other side of the bridge, too far for me to identify them. I clambored along the bank, amid the detritis of the river left behind at flood stage, large branches, great timbers carried there creating an obstacle course, but I was on a mission. My mission? To see waterfowl, particularly ducks and geese other than mallards and Canadian geese. Everyone else has been seeing them, it’s been allover the listserve and boards. As for me? I saw a few Canadian geese fly overhead, the ducks I couldn’t identify and a pair of osprey, and numerous seagulls, but not close enough to id species.

Still, it was lovely and I felt alive!

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