A Disturbance in the Force

Offense seems to be a word bandied about so easily these days.  We are a people offended by trifles, yet un-offended by truly offensive things.  I am still disturbed and disquieted, years later, by a worship service, a communion service, actually, which opened with a live band rocking out “Mustang Sally”.  Almost as much as it disturbed me to have that played at a worship service, what I find disquieting is that I went along with it, even enjoyed it. It was an enjoyment that left me with a perpetual heartache, however.


The band was great.  I mean, they were really great, and their performance of “Mustang Sally” was really good. But what remains of that evening is the disturbance in my soul; disturbance that this was considered an acceptable way to begin a service of the church! A communion service! Yet I went along with it. I hushed my conscience, I muffled my disquieted spirit. What I did not do is shut them up. I added to the disturbance within me by my acceptance, by my willingness to go along.

I’m still disturbed. Seven years have passed but my distress has not eased.

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