Coming Fast

Today is the second day of Cheesefare week, when we use up the dairy products we have left in preparation for the long Lenten fast.  Each year I have approached this with dread, but this year I feel almost relieved. It is simpler, even though it is difficult. This means that a sweet potato can be considered a meal, that homemade vegetable soup will soon be cooking on the stove top. It means I pull out my recipes for white bean vegetarian chili.

It simplifies my choices for grabbing a quick meal out if I need it.  Black Bean Soup at Panera?  Yes, please. Veggie Burrito Bowl at Chipotle?  Oh my, yes.  No need to analyze the full menu. Look for the vegan option and be done with it.

I come to the beginning of Lent weary: mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I find it kind of amusing that my month off will be smack dab in the middle of Lent and encompass Holy Week.

Or rather…now that I’ve checked with the financial aid office at school I’ve found that I don’t have a month off at all.  I will get to move while taking a class!  Yea me!

Note: to those who have expressed concern about my reference to moving.  Our lease is up in April.  We are not renewing. Meeting this rent has been just too much over the past difficult year, and they are raising it again. 

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