Logging Roads

The car would fight it’s way over boulders, gullies where the rains washed part of the road away, a gnarled root protruding across the way. As I recall, we took Toyota station wagons, VW bugs, a Honda or two…over the years, whatever vehicle we had, it likely found it’s way past Taylor Reservoir heading for our spot.

Looking back, it doesn’t seem like those cars should have made that trek, should have surmounted the obstacles to get us to the end of the logging road to the start of our backpacking path. There wasn’t a single four-wheel drive among them, no raised suspensions, just normal ordinary cars, but they made it. Granted, some of that is due to the skill of the driver, but a good portion of that is due to the vehicles themselves.  They were simply capable of more than people give them credit for. I certainly won’t question that there may have been a great deal of divine intervention in those trips, but I believe there is divine intervention all over the place in our every-day lives.

A young acquaintance of mine lives every day on her own logging road. Each day it seems there is a new boulder or gully or downed tree in her path, but she and her family press on. It is a financial struggle from day to day, an emotional struggle as she deals with the seemingly endless physical difficulties she and two of her children have had to endure. Add those health struggles and financial struggles to the ordinary struggles we all go through, and those boulders get big and the gullies get deep.  Some families would fail in the midst of all of this, much as the Reliant K car I once had would likely do. It was fine for paved city streets and highways, but it would have hung up on the first rocky obstacle. But this family? They are holding together.  Granted, the mom and dad driving this particular family through this are ordinary, but they aren’t ordinary street cars, they have far more to them than is obvious on the outside. And now that I’ve stretched that metaphor as far as it can go, and further than I should have…

Many of us have our own logging roads, our own boulders to climb, down trees to drag from our paths, and gullies to cross. Some of us need a push now and again, and that is where we come in. This family needs not just financial help, but the encouragement that that help provides. But we can do much to ease their burdens, and to help push that car over some boulders. They are on a rocky path, not of their own choosing, but they are facing it with grace and courage. Help them here.  Read more of their story here.  


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