I have always believed in a literal interpretation of Scripture wherever possible…that is wherever it didn’t seem obviously poetry or anthropromorphism, or description of something unknown to the writer, such as in prophetic visions of future events and things that had not yet been invented, or obviously cultural. I never thought a lot about it. It was obvious, wasn’t it? I mean God breathed the scriptures, and surely HE knew how the Earth was created and the stars, planets and creatures. This, of course, made me sneer at the scientific community for their blindness. I was a young earth person. I am an intelligent design person.

I don’t know what I believe at the moment. Is the creation story poetry? Is it literal? Is there a “gap” as some believe? Was it a literal 24 hour period for each step of creation? Or is God, the Creator, the creator in a way I do not understand…outside of time, the creator of what we call the “Big Bang”, the director of an evolutionary process, or did He literally breathe into the lungs of man, whom He formed from a paste of earth and his own spit? Is He bound by the laws of the world He created? Is He subject to time?

I think it was Carl Sagan who opined that the only thing more fantastic than the possibility of life on other planets is the possibility that there is NO life on other planets. I would have to say that I find myself able to imagine that God created the universe in the literal way of the Genesis account, and I can imagine that God created the universe through the Big Bang and evolution and directed the course of evolution through His design.

I have come to no hard and fast decision, but I find it hard to dismiss the mathematical constants upon which the God of the Universe seems to have allowed the world to operate. The God of order did not create a universe of random events, even though the events of our lives sometimes feel random.

I find it possible that God created through the Big Bang (he spoke a word and created the universe, time, stars, light, darkness…) I find it equally possible that the God of Creation created an adult world, as in, he created it in an advanced form, as surely as the Adam of Genesis seems to have been created as a fully formed adult. The God of Scripture is a God who is knowable and yet is beyond my comprehension. He allows us to see his character, his nature, through what he has made, and yet we cannot understand his ways. I do not find it inconsistent that Creation should remain part known, part mystery. Do you?